About us

Our cooperative was founded in 2007 by a merger of several fruit producers from the region of Český ráj. Nowadays, our cooperative through its members has about 550 hectares of orchards.

In addition, our cooperative holds GLOBALGAP certificate for all of its own production. Our orchards and new seedlings adhere to the highest standards of modern agriculture and the best agricultural practices, including the SISPO guidance, while remaining considerate towards the environment.

We also offer packaging and sorting of fruit based on the requests and needs of our clients. We offer sorting and packaging of fruit in returnable bins, as well as packaging of commercial quality fruit in plastic or netted bags 1-2kg each, and in trays of 250g, 500g, 1000g in each.

We are confident that our cooperative is able to fully satisfy the demanding expectations of all our clients due to our professional approach to production, the care we take to create our best final product, as well as our fair approach to pricing policy.